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October DCM/ FRN Prep

Hello SUPER Villains :) 

Just like every DCM, we will be talking about voluteer service events we’ve done this month. We will be giving spirit gear to presidents and they will distribute them to that clubs members here. It is recommended that you come to receive your items that you ordered. We will also be going over cheers! We hope to win the spirit stick ONCE AGAIN just like last year and make Tianna proud.

where: Santa Teresa High School MultiPurpose Room 

when: Oct 26th 5:30-7:30pm

For the presidents : 

Have you been fundraising for PTP?PLEASE bring your PTP money to this DCM so we can auction off to the LTG or District Board ( which includes Rasmi from RTC! as well as governor Alyssa Yocom, Lloyd , and Canon ) 




Are you ready?! 

:D You’re invited to August DCM super Villains !

We will be going over RTC information, voting on the tshirt design, FRN, and more !! We will also be making cranes for Kaiser hospital :)

The event will be held in the community room of Santa teresa Branch Library, there will be signs outside that will lead you to the community room.


OTC 2012  ( Region 17) 


Villains MUAHAHAHA! 

Hey there D12Southers! I have recently learned a alot from my May Board meeting with all the other LTG’s in CaliNevaHa. I am excited to come forth with more valuable tools and lend a helping hand. I hope you all are enjoying your fun in the sun that has or will happen soon. Don’t forget that during the summer, there are a MILLION service events to help out with. Please use your summer to get close with friends and make new friends through service :D  The following information might come in handy.  

Casino Night Recap 

This event was a total success! With all your help, Santa Teresa Key Club has raised over 1000 dollars for American Cancer Society!  Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend, nonetheless, I hope you all had a fantastic time.  

Relay for Life ( Campbell) 

There is an upcoming Relay for Life in Campbell and its a great way to bond and raise money for the America Cancer Society. You would be able to set a booth if you want and tell others what you have to offer to the community in terms of service. Members can also walk around the track and raise money. Please sign yourself up at http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?sid=128501&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=42995&sso_auth_token= 

Executive Assistant Applications 

The applications are due by  6pm JUNE 8th ,2012 .   I would really like for anyone to sign up, please encourage others to sign up as well. This year, I have the pleasure of working with 3 EA’s as well as 1 news editor. News editor Applications will be out soon! keep your eyes pealed.  

Articles/ Visuals

Please email to me ANY pictures ( of you performing service ) or even write a small 4-5 sentence paragraph on what you have done this month and submit that to me by the 8th of every month by 12 am .    MRF’s/TMRF’s Thank you to all who sent in their MRF’s and TMRF’s. remember the deadline for early birdies : 6pm 3rd of every month. It will be considered late if submitted after 6pm on the 5th of every month. I know summer time means no school work or homework, but please be sure to fulfill your duties. Thank you all for working so hard!  

Kiwanis DCM 

Kiwanis DCM’s are a great way to get close to your Kiwanis family. This summer, my goal is to create a closer bond with you and your Kiwanis family, and a great way to start that off is to come to their DCM’s. Much like our DCM’s, they are full with a lot of information, smiles, and laughs. Please talk to your Kiwanis advisor if you want to attend. The Kiwanis DCM’s are on the 3rd wednesday of every month. The upcoming KDCM is June 20th at Home Church from 6-8pm.  


I will be attending ICON along with 2 other Super Villains this year! This even will be held in Orlando, Florida from July 1-8 . I am super excited and hope to come back with more information to serve you all! 


Keep your schedule clear for OTC just like every year at Manresa Beach on July 21st. I am excited and cannot wait :D  SEE YOU THERE!  more information will come just around the corner.

I’m happiest when I’m with Key Club.


Some AWESOME Ghosties! C:

Santa Teresa Key Club would like to proudly present its fifth annual Casino Night! 
Our theme this year is Midnight Masquerade and we highly encourage you to come and join us for an enchanting evening.

There will be fantastic food and drinks as well as fun activities such as Just Dance 2. All of this will be followed by everyone’s favorite, the dance!
Admission is $12 and all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Don’t miss the opportunity to party the night away with your friends and make new ones along the way. 
We hope to see all of you at this event; get ready to have an amazing night!

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